We All, are a DNA Supreme Being,   with Capabilities, Attributes & Intelligence, hidden, since the last Egyptian civilization                             VIDEO LINK                        

  just the facts   Egyptian's  Source for their Higher Intelligence is your Brains Pineal Gland - 3rd eye - documented as the Eye of Horus,  - Just the fact's -                                      U N D E R   C O N S T R U C T I O N                      Documentaries, Peoples Testimonial's, Science explanation of Human attributes, that should not be, BUT ARE,  links Below             What's Going on

Free educational links to all subjects - see universities and educators.

 3rd eye Course -  Link                                                                   - Course Contents -                                                             History, Science, Supreme being Attributes, DNA truth, Your anatomy is capable of All. Top 2% Intelligence is NORMAL, the rest is NOT "WHAT" Decalcifying your Pineal Gland (3rd eye)  LINK                                               Every thing is Energy and operates completely different. 3rd eye Activation techniques. (partial list) see course for further details.

Human attributes, Extreme abilities, Incredible Knowledge that Should not be, But Is. are in a sequence of videos next ( BELOW )


you are a DNA Supreme Being

DNA super computer chips ?        - What -               Additional Links     Link 2     LINK 3 LINK 4    LINK 5

People Computer memories                      - What -            Additional Links     Link 2    Link 3     Link 4    Link 5

Intelligence that should not be, But Is    - What -             Additional Links     Link 2    Link 3         Link 4    Link 5

Reincarnation scientific facts              - What -             Additional links      Link 2    Link 3     Link 4    Link 5

 People Who can see DEAD people           - What -            Additional Links     Link 2     Link 3 Link 4     Link 5


Medium's                    Important facts              - What - Additional Links      Link 2     Link 3        Link 4     Link 5

 Supreme Being Review 

7 year old, Doctor of Surgery - NEXT -       13 year old top Physicist - Incredible -       9 year old Nasa Speaker - Intelligence      11 year old EXCEED's Einstein IQ - What - 3 yr old top Brain IQ 156, off the scale       11 Yr old Top 2 % World Intelligence-How 2 year old Futurist / physchic baby Unbelievable - How is this Possible -

Akrit Jaswal 7 yr old Surgeon     Link 2     Link 3   Link 4     Link 5

Max Loughan TOP 1% Physicist WoW  Link 2     Link 3     Link 4     Link 5 

 Tanishq Abraham NASA Speaker - 9 yr old top 99.9 %    Link 2    Link 3 

Saanya Verma Top score at Mensa  ?  - IQ 162 -   Link 2    Link 3         

Elise Tan Roberts - IQ 156 -  joined Mensa at 845 DAY OLD - Incredible -

Kashmea Wahi - 11 yrs old - IQ 162 - top1%Intelligence  Link 2

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             T H A N K   Y O U

The Pineal Gland 3rd eye. Egyptian's source of Higher Intelligence is Documented as the Eye of Horus

Dr Joe Dispenza     Pineal Gland Science  Link 2    Link 3    Link 4

Pineal Gland Continued  Link 2  Link 3    Link 4   Link 5    Link 6   Link 7    Link 8


 Incredible Children with 3rd eye IntelligenceAbsolutely off the scale  -???  How is this possible ???

                                 Video                               Akrit Jaswal - 7yr old Doctor of Surgery                                   - IQ 146 -                                  How do so many Young people  World wide have Einstein Intelligence or more                               - Unbelievable -                                                                                

                                   Video                                    Elise Tan Roberts - 2.4 yrs old                                                      - IQ 156 -                         She joined Mensa high IQ Club when she was only 845 DAYS OLD                                                                 - Incredible -      


                                 Video                                Lydia Sebastian - 12 years old                                                              - IQ 148 -                           Lyndia scored higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking at Mensa                                         - Just the Fact's -

                                Video                                       Kashmea Wahi - 11 years old                                                      - IQ 162 -                      Kashmea also Joined Mensa Institute the top 2% of WORLD's Inelegance                                                    - Top 2 % -                       

                                Video                               Tanishq Abraham - Youngest NASA Speaker - 9 yr old science prodigy                he is in the top 99.9 %             


                                   Video                                 Saanya Verma - She received the highest possible score at Mensa - Not bad for a       11 year old

                                   Video                                Max Loughan - 13 year old genius physicist- Incredible knowledge and perspective's - top 1 %     

                                Video                       Incredible brain's at work - Supper human talent's - Just the beginning 

Psychic's & Psychic Medium's  3rd eye Intelligence 

Clairvoyance - Receiving Information that is not through Normal Mainstream Senses .      Pineal Crystal Connection.                                                                                    See John Edward connecting with Passed loved one's with incredible accuracy and knowledge.  His Universal Crystal connection allows him to connect to peoples past lives' ENERGIES.  

Incredible Example of your pineal  Gland 3rd eye Working.

                                   Video                                                 Dr Oz with John Edward's                                   See TV Series                                            Incredible Real Reality

Dr Oz Says "John Edwards" Changed my life.

John changed many lives as he proves not only his Incredible Human attributes but also the Existence of human spirit after Death

Pineal Gland is a Natural Human Function.

Problem - Most pineal glands are calcified from Toxins in the food Systems, preventing there Natural Human Connection.

                     See Pineal Fact's 

John Edward's - is only one of thousand's of examples that are out there.         - Just the Fact's -

Psychic Medium - Allison Dubois                          3rd eye CONNECTION                                to Deceased Spirit Energy                                   - the After Life -                                     Incredible Human Abilities

Psychic Medium - Theresa Caputo            More Incredible human abilities.                Spirituality at it finest. 

See Pineal Gland Science - see 3rd eye documentary -

- Off the Scale - 3rd eye Intelligence

Baby Toddler predicts future on                        Britain's Got Talent 

Incredible - 3rd eye - VISION

Pineal Gland , 3rd eye  Reincarnation Memories.

yes - Reincarnation - what the heck is going on

Numerous children WORLD WIDE are coming forward with 100% documented proof of there previous Reincarnated Life. 

This Also Is Absolutely Incredible 

Children remember there past lives            see Reincarnation Documented Fact's

More Reincarnation Documentary 

This is just a small sample of Documentaries. There are hundreds and hundreds on the internet.

What the heck is going on

                      - just the Facts -

Documented past lives & More

More incredible reincarnation - FACT'S -


Liquid Crystals in Your Pineal Gland connects to Universal energies when your Pineal is HEALTHY . Most Pineal Glands in the western word are calcified by the impurities in our food system.  Fluoride is the biggest pollutant found in the Pineal Gland during a Autopsy - just the Facts -


Calcification is the #1 cause for unhealthy Gland

See Pineal Fact's for Health and Detoxing

Pineal Fact's  explains the science, the problem and the solutions.  Also see Other Companies

                                - Just the Fact's -

Eastern part of Mother Earth studies 3rd eye Facts.    Universities  Schools in the Eastern world teach it                                                                       The Western part of the World "Does not "

3rd eye explained

- Just the Facts -

     3rd eye Popularity 

     - Just the Facts -

                                                                                See Pineal science for what's going on

Pineal Gland - 3rd eye - Egyptian eye of Horus is the Human organ allowing Incredible Attribute's - Knowledge - Wisdom & Spirituality        - Just the Fact's -