Freemasons ( Nights Templar )- Just the Fact's - This Web site is DEDICATED to my Grandfather ( Spirit Guide ) Frank D Smith  Ruling Master 1933 John Ross Robertson Lodge                         Toronto, On, Canada, and to ALL  Life in the Cosmos.           Piece Love & Light.                                                                                                                                                                                    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

      - Partial History -           In 1307 King Phillip IV and Pope Clement V,  rounded up and murdered ( burned Alive ) all knight's Templar ( later called Mason's ).                                                                                           The one's that Survived, went under ground ( secret ) to Later resurface as Mason's which then later became freemason's.                                                                                                             Controlling Power's go All the Way Back, and To the Present.  

        - Pope & King -              Murdered them for there wealth, Ancient Knowledge   &  Ancient Holy artifact's.  Which they never found.  Knight's Templar trace back to                                                                              King Solomon's, holy Temple.                                    -  It goes Much Deeper -

 - Winnipeg, Canada -         Manitoba's Legislative Building is a Duplicate of King's Solomon's Temple.    - What the heck is that -     with Egyptian Sphinx's, Sacred Geometry,                                                            Ancient Sculpture's     and much, much MORE.          See the work of Dr Frank Albo  - Video -                  who figured out king Solomon's temple is                                                                      rite here in Manitoba.                                                                   OUTSTANDING research Frank.  

    - Just the Fact's -               There are Egyptian's Sphinx's and much more at the Manitoba Legislative Building.          Not only is this Crazy,            but it is Linked to the Event's                                                              at  Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.            They are digging up More than treasure.                Ancient Technology from another World has                                                                                not been noted as a potential option.                                     Yet ?                                                  Oak Island event's will change the World for the better                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - BIG TIME -

                                                                                                                                                            - Just the Fact's ? -      

The Freemason are the Keepers of Record ( the truth ). They originated as the Knight Templar dating all the way back to Holly Land

Why all the Secrecy, both Positive & Negative. This creates research for both sides of the coin, which will also bring forth, the true history.  I will be offering a course on the freemasons " in the Future " after the 

WORLD has been EXSPOSED to " ALL THE Fact's " .  I am seeing that they will come Foreward at that time, and my course wont be NEEDED.

                 The Mason's built the                Manitoba Legislative Building

                  Why a Duplicate of                   King Solomon's Temple 

     The reason's  are Devine

   -Just the Fact's -

   Why are there Sphinx's and Much, Much                More - Here in MANITOBA            Video

  Dr Albo & Egyptian Sphinx on top of the      Manitoba Legislation Building      Video

   Manitoba Legislative Building - Fact's -        Duplicate King Solomon Temple    Video